Book Your Brisbane Home Safety Inspection!

Staying at home for a while? 

Now is a great time to organise a home safety inspection, as it’s a vital service that can not only improve the safety within your home, but also identify potential electrical hazards that can often be impossible for property owners to detect themselves. 

Our electrical inspections are comprehensive, thorough and involve the following:

  • Determining any electrical hazards
  • Checking for uncovered permanent wiring
  • Checking for any exposed wires
  • Checking for outdated wiring
  • Testing safety switches
  • Examining the power box
  • Checking safety switches
  • Testing power points and lighting
  • Evaluating the level of electrical service
  • Assessing whether the home includes any DIY wiring
  • Noting the location of smoke alarms and testing them
  • Scanning for any electrical items that don’t comply with current government regulations

It’s often the case that residential may seem safe from the outside, but once investigated (even slightly), possess threatening hazards.

Often we find electrical hazards from electrical installations, that electrical circuits are significantly overloaded, and a lack of earthing or bonding – putting your family, home or business at considerable risk.  Our home safety inspections are FREE of charge and obligation free, so if you haven’t had your property checked in the last 12 months, now is a great time to do so! 

As an active Brisbane electrical provider and part of the wider community, we service Brisbane Northside and the greater Brisbane region. So book your service with David and the Auscan Services team now!