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Get Your Home Ready for Summer!

Goodbye Winter and hello to the wonderfully hot and blissful spring and summer Queensland months!

It’s almost summer…. which means the days are longer, ice creams melt faster and we couldn’t be more excited for the end of year festivities to begin.

It’s a pleasant time to enjoy the outdoors, make the most out of the longer days and enjoy entertaining friends and family at home!

Prior to the scorching hot summertime, spring is the perfect time to get your home ready for the end of the year.

Not only is it a good idea to look at how well your home’s cooling systems are working, but it’s a great time to organise any maintenance and repairs before the peak-season. With important occasions looming (Christmas and New Year!), you’ll want peace of mind that everything is working well, and your home is protected during storm season.

At Auscan, we’ll get your home completely ready for summer, so you stay comfortable and cool throughout the entire season.

Our Top Tips to Get Ready For Summer ☀️☀️

1. Get your air conditioner cleaned and serviced ❄️

If your air conditioner has been sitting idle throughout the colder months, then it may have been collecting leaves, dust and debris, and its running parts may need a pre-season tune-up. Regardless of the age of your unit, when was the last time you had it serviced and cleaned?

A dirty air conditioner not only won’t function at its optimal ability (meaning you’ll stay warmer for longer, and your energy bill may see a spike!) but it will also not be circulating clean air throughout your home. For those who suffer from hay fever and allergies, this can mean a more painful transition between the seasons!

At Auscan we provide air conditioning filter cleaning, servicing and maintenance options to you all in one, so you don’t have to shop around to get your air conditioner ready for summer.

2. Have you looked at your ceiling fans? 🌬️

Ceiling fans are one of those electrical units that can easily be forgotten in a home, especially if you rely on air conditioning as your main cooling system.

However, as all appliances do, ceiling fans also have a use by date.

Consider upgrading your ceiling fans if you start noticing any of the following signs:

➡️ When the fan refuses to move at normal speeds – when the fan is no longer responding to different speed settings ➡️ When your starts rocking and seems unbalanced, especially when it is rotating ➡️ When the light fixtures stop working despite replacing them with new ones ➡️ Your ceiling fan makes unusually loud humming noises ➡️ It fails to turn on at all, or works intermittently ➡️ The blades have become warped out of shape

Also be sure to check that your ceiling fan blades are turning clockwise. This action drags cool air downwards and can make the room few degrees colder than outside.

3. Have you checked your smoke alarms? 🔥

At Auscan, we work with customers throughout the year to repair and install smoke alarms in their homes. Summer is particularly an important time for us with smoke alarms, as with the hot weather brings a range of potential fire hazards in and around Queensland homes.

Although the importance of having smoke alarms in homes is growing, 3 out of 5 people who die from a fire in their home, DO NOT have working smoke alarms.

Before summertime really hits Queensland, now is the perfect time to check your smoke alarms to see if they are operational, and upgrade if you have any faulty or non-operational units in your home. We proudly stock and install Brooks smoke alarms, and you can check out our recent Product Review blog for more information on these items.

For more information on the smoke alarms we supply and install, check out our Product Review on Brooks Smoke Alarms

4. Is your home storm-safe? ⚡

With the Queensland summer brings also a wave of storm weather. Although a delight to behold (especially as our dry lawns cry out for more rain!), storm season brings with it a range of electrical concerns for home owners.

Spring is the perfect time to talk to your electrician about storm season, and in particular, your home’s safety switches as well as surge protection.

In the event of a lightening strike, safety switches and surge protection provide your home with the utmost protection – protecting your family and loved ones from harm, as well as protecting your home’s electrical devices and appliances.

Without proper protection, your family can be at risk of electrical injuries as well as your home’s appliances (such as computers, printers, fridges and all other electrical appliances) being at risk of experiencing high volume electrical surges.

So get prepared for our soon-to-arrive Queensland summer, and enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities with total peace of mind. Don’t wait until the end of year rush to troubleshoot your cooling system or organise protection systems for the storm season, get in before the end of year rush!

We’re your local electricians, based in North Brisbane, that can assist with all of your electrical, lighting, air conditioning and smoke alarm needs.

Call our friendly Auscan electricians now to organise your FREE home electrical inspection now, and get your home ready for Summer!