Product Review: Airfusion Airmover Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a great way to stay comfortable when the temperature rises. They can work in tandem with your air conditioning to circulate cool air, or as a cost-effective alternative. 

At Auscan Services we bring our customers the latest information on industry products, providing customers options that best suit their properties and that align with current trends. 

The Airfusion Airmover is a large 56 inch blade fan with an impressive airflow of 259.8m3 per minute.

 A standard ceiling fan produces around 190m3 per minute. Not only super quiet and very stable, it also comes with a 3 year warranty. The Airfusion Airmover ceiling fans are one of the best bang for buck ranges of ceiling fans on the market, and is Beacon Lighting’s number one seller. 

Proven to be quiet while complementing a room with smart and modern looks, the Airfusion Airmover ceiling fans are pleasing with both look and operation. 

Featuring 3 speeds for greater temperature control, the Airfusion Airmover ceiling fans are the perfect addition to your home for all climates throughout the year. 

Available in 3 colours being White, Koa & Black, the Airfusion Airmover Fan has an AC motor with five ABS blades. 

Smart Technology

Combining the Airfusion Airmover ceiling fans with an LCD remote controller enables you to have ultimate control of your room’s temperature. 

The Remote transmitter and companion reciever in the LCD controller are designed to control the speed of your ceiling fan and light.

The LCD screen indicates the speed of the fan, the temperature of the room, the light operation and the auto settings to turn the fan off at your preset temperature.

This remote is compatible with all Airfusion Airmover ceiling fans, offering remote on/off light switching and an operational distance up to 10m away. 

The LCD remote is perfect for hot summer QLD days, where you’ll have the ability to turn the ceiling fan on automatically – circulating air throughout your home while you’re at work. Enjoy the comfort of arriving home to a house that isn’t hot and stuffy but totally comfortable. 

Time to Upgrade?

Time to upgrade your ceiling fans? Looking at adding some extra style to your home? 

You can’t look past the Airfusion Airmover range of ultra modern ceiling fans for your ceiling fan upgrade and replacement.

At Auscan, we’ve been supplying and installing the range all across Brisbane for our customers. The range is popular and classically designed, the perfect addition to any property for a modern and sleek new look. 

Contact us now to learn more about the range, and book in your upgrade now!