Product Review: Clipsal Iconic Range

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Offering slim, sleek and clean designs to elegantly style and personalise your home, these devices are compatible with all home networking, USB, electronic and Bluetooth low energy mechanisms. Also at an entry level price-point, the Iconic Range offers a premium look and functionality that is user friendly and multi-use.  At Auscan Services, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the latest electrical technology for their homes. With our expertise across the Clipsal Iconic range, we provide exclusive access to our customers to the very best and innovative products.  Designed as a range that allows users to be in control, the Iconic Range features a range of colour options for greater versatility. Users can easily replace covers themselves, and screws are also covered with means the units are double-insulated.

Loaded with Clever Features

Customisable & Future-Ready

Iconic features changeable skins, innovative features and enhanced connectivity. 

Covers can also be changed to incorporate a night-light. The LED lighting in switches no longer incorporates a blue or bright light, it now includes a soft warm white light. The application of each switch or power point can also be easily changed. With great iconic features including pictograms and LED indicators. 

Loaded with features like new game changing modular mechs and grids with changeable skins and dollies, Clipsal have achieved unrivalled customisation with their Iconic range devices. The range also includes clever efficiency with the ControlLink technology and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity.

With ControlLink and Bluetooth Low Energy for Simple Connectivity

Iconic devices now allow users to begin their smart home journey using BLE and the Wiser room app. 

Wiser Room is an innovative and convenient configuration tool for Bluetooth enabled timers, time clocks and electronic switches mounted within a home. By simply connecting your smart phone or tablet to your Iconic wall device you can change the settings of the electronic devices and switch ON and OFF lights and other connected loads within the room.

Market feedback has been positive for the new range, with popular responses focusing on the size of switches being bigger, which have proven to be beneficial to users, as well as the Bluetooth integrated system allowing users to operate switches from their phones.  BLE push-button connected products are the world’s first app configurable switch and dimmer mechanisms. The BLE mechs include an electronic switch, dimmer, 24-hour timers and 24-hour, 7-day scheduling time clocks. Using the Wiser Room App, the mechanisms offer in room configuration for any user.

Iconic electronic accessories are designed for clever functionality

Clipsal Iconic is irresistibly future-proof, loaded with intelligent features

With a range that is stylish yet affordable and for every-day use, Iconic have provided numerous options for individuals to design a professional home network that meets connectivity and design needs of home owners.

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