QUICK GUIDE – What to Do When Your Power Goes Out

Do power outages put you in a state of total panic? Do you know what to do when your power goes out?

Whether it’s because of bad weather, or because your power has gone off randomly, power outages are one of the most popular calls we receive from customers.

In most cases, home owners pick up the phone and call an electrician before doing any troubleshooting. 8 times out of 10, home owners that have asked us to visit their homes have actually been able to get the power back on themselves, if they had only followed our step by step guide.

Auscan Services Power Outage – Quick Guide

At Auscan Services, education is one of our key business values, and we place great importance on educating our customers so they can be empowered within their homes.

In light of the upcoming storm season, we have prepared a Quick Guide to troubleshooting your home’s power outage.

This Guide provides simple steps to follow in the event of a power outage, allowing you to initially troubleshoot the cause of the outage, prior to calling an electrician.

Still having issues with your power? If you’ve gone through the step by step Quick Guide and still can’t get your power back on, it’s time to give us a call. Our team of qualified electricians can perform extensive electrical safety checks to your homes wiring, switchboard, equipment and appliances to get your power back on sooner.

At Auscan Services, we are your local electrician based in Upper Kedron. We service a wide range of areas throughout Brisbane, and specialise in all areas of electrical, air conditioning, lighting and data services.

Are you experiencing a power outage now?

Other options you can investigate prior to giving us a call include the following: