Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning for Winter Months

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning for Winter Months

It may be hard to believe but the cold winter is headed our way in Brisbane, Australia. While many around the globe are just getting ready for those lovely summer months ahead, Aussies are preparing for much colder temps, unpacking their cozy sweaters from storage, and saying goodbye to the dreaded heat. In addition to putting away their swim trunks or “bathers,” it’s also time for homeowners here to think about reverse cycle air conditioning.

Yes, those great units that keep a home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, are extremely popular in this part of the world.


Care and Maintenance

Like most home appliances it’s key to care properly for reverse cycle air conditioning units during the cold winter months. Doing so saves energy and keeps utility bills down.

And whether a homeowner does the maintenance or calls in the experts, it’s essential before using a reverse cycle air conditioning unit for a new winter season. Keep reading for ideas and tips below.


How to Prepare the System for Winter

If there’s a reverse cycle air conditioning system installed in the home, there are several things to do before the cold weather arrives such as air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning service.


Clean Filters 

First, check and make sure the filters aren’t blocked or dirty from previous use. Next, remove them and replace them with new filters.

In some instances, filters can be washed out but be sure they are cleaned, and dry before putting them back into the unit.


Adjusting the Thermostat 

During the winter months, experts suggest setting the thermostat to 22-24 degrees. By staying within this range rooms will warm up faster versus cranking it up too high and wasting energy.

Using these settings, energy bills will stay lower and even extend the overall life of the system.


Call an Expert 

While these care and maintenance steps can be performed by a homeowner, it’s important to have the reverse cycle air conditioning system professionally serviced before summer or winter use.

There’s no reason to avoid keeping up with air conditioning maintenance and/or air conditioning service especially if there is an expert who can help.


Good to Go

After these simple air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning servicing steps are performed on a reverse cycle air conditioner unit it should run efficiently.

So, go ahead and fire it up whenever it’s needed to keep warm and toasty without having to worry the bill is going to go through the roof.