Setting Up Your Home Office for Success

As self isolation is becoming increasingly important, more Australians are adjusting to working from home as offices around the nation have been forced to close to stop the spread of the virus. 

What does working from home mean to homeowners?

  • Increased use of air conditioners (heating and cooling) and ceiling fans 
  • Greater use of lights in the home 
  • Greater need to use power points in and around the home (than normally required) 
  • Increased use of kitchen appliances (than can use a lot of power in themselves! ie. Cooktops, ovens etc) 

We urge all home owners to monitor your home’s energy usage (if possible) during this time. Keeping track of your home’s energy usage now, can have great savings during this self-isolation period, when you receive your next energy bill.  For those who may be running heating or cooling systems during the day (and potentially night) we also recommend looking at how well your systems are currently running. Consider when you have had them last serviced, and if they are providing sufficient cooling and heating services in your home.  In terms of lighting, are you still using halogen or fluoro light bulbs? LED lighting has an exceptionally longer lifespan than other sources, and also has significantly lower energy consumption (it is 75% more efficient). They also have reduced maintenance costs, and offer greater safety in the family home. 

For the home office, you may even find that you haven’t got sufficient power points to support all your devices. We highly recommend not piggy backing your power board with multiple devices, as you can easily overload your circuits. Piggy backing your power boards also puts your home at risk of electrical fires occurring.  If you require additional power supplies in your home, it’s best to talk to David to identify ways to manage your home office needs and requirements, safely and strategically. 

Book in with David for a FREE home assessment now, and get your home office set up for ultimate success during COVID-19!